1-Year-Old Baby rescued from Drug Traffickers in Singapore

A Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) raid resulted in the rescue of a one-year-old toddler, as well as the arrest of five Singaporeans.

CNB revealed the details of the drug bust and lengthy investigation on Wednesday (Feb 28).

On Monday (26 Feb), CNB arrested a 33-year-old woman at Kinta Road in Serangoon.

Possession of huge quantities of drugs

The woman had 195g of heroin and 27g of Ice in her bag.

Investigations into her personal belongings revealed text messages referencing a baby, who the woman admitted under questioning she was supposed to be taking care of.

Worried about the safety of the baby in question, CNB mounted a follow-up operation with the police to locate the suspects.

The next day (27 Feb), they found the 1-year old boy with a 51-year old man in a hotel room in Joo Chiat.

rescued baby
Rescued one-year-old toddler.

The man was arrested for suspected drug trafficking, while the toddler was handed over to the Child Protective Service of the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF).

Drugs were found strewn all over the hotel room.

Three more suspected drug traffickers, two women aged 38 and 41, and a 34-year-old man, were arrested in follow-up operations. At least 640g of heroin was seized as well.

The baby is currently under the care of the Child Protective Service of MSF, while his biological mother is being tracked down.

The biological mother is also reported to be wanted for drug offences.

All of the arrested were Singaporeans.

Our Law and Home Affairs Minister K Shanmugan briefly mentioned the incident in a Facebook post as well, pointing out that “the toddler could have accidentally ingested the drugs”, which were all over the hotel room.

Thankfully, the 1-year-old baby boy was rescued in a timely fashion.

While we certainly appreciate and congratulate the CNB officers for their hard and meaningful work, the recent spate of high-profile drug crimes are somewhat worrying.

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