5 ways to Control your Anger when you live in Singapore

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5 ways to Control your Anger in public transport, restaurants or anywhere in Singapore

It is quite common for people to rage in this hot weather, mad rush hours and general hasty footsteps of Singaporeans. We do not tolerate slow people, slow transport, slow internet or anything slow for that matter. But is there a way for us to keep calm and carry on? Here are 5 ways you can control your temper and curb the urge to slap someone across the face.

1. Remind myself that it is never okay to hurt others


I get it, I understand, you have to wake up early and travel a good 45 minutes to your office. Plus,  you did not even sleep well last night cause some punks decided that is was a good time to party at 3 am. So when someone stepped on your brand new shoes, you try to restrain yourself from giving them one tight slap.

GOOD JOB! That is how you should do it, take the time to think it through, it is not worth it to cause bodily harm to someone for such a small mistake? If you’re not sure, the answer is NO. And by turning violent, you have earned yourself 5 karma credit. Good work!

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2. Take 3 deep breaths or count slowly to 10

How much time should I take to think it through before losing it? Try this, take 3 audible deep breaths and count slowly to 10, medic style by mentally reciting one a thousand, two a thousand, three a thousand..all the way till 10.

If you feel like the tension is still there, lets…move on to the next step!


3. Use my words to say how I feel and what I wish would happen

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Do not feel bad that you are feeling angry, all power to you! But how you respond to others while having these feelings are more important. Let’s use the same example, the person in front of you continues to step on your brand new shoes and your level of tolerance is lower than the market wage of graduates…Talk to them.  Yup! Talk to them, convey your message clearly and nicely by saying this:

“Hi. Excuse me, You’re stepping on my shoes and it’s happening a couple of times. Can you please stop?”


4. Ask for help to solve the problem

If they decide to get full on guailan, no worries at all! Ask for help by looking at the people surrounding you to solve the situation.

Them: It’s damn crowded leh

You: Okay, Excuse sir in front, there is some space at the front, could you possibly move a bit? Thank you!


5. Take time to calm down


If that still doesn’t solve anything, follow through Step 1 and 2 again. Remember that you have children/wife/parents/family/dog/cat that loves you and wants you home. Keep the Zen in and Namaste.

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