10 weeks’ jail for foreign domestic worker who BIT six-month-old boy

As if a crazed Twilight superfan, a foreign domestic worker bit the cheek and earlobe of a six-month-old boy in her care and was sentenced to 10 weeks’ jail on Tuesday (May 22).


On Dec 28 last year, Myanmar national Mya Pwint Phyu, 24, had been alone with the boy at about 9 am in his home, a second-floor unit at 54 Lakeside Drive, while his parents were away at work.


In the midst of doing household chores, the boy started crying. After her futile attempts at pacifying him, she bit him once on his right cheek, and again on his right earlobe in a bid to make him stop crying.


When the boy’s grandfather dropped by the apartment later that day, he noticed bruises and marks on the boy’s face. He confronted the Myanmar national, who then confessed to biting him.


The boy was taken to the National University Hospital on the same day, where he was found to have bruises on various parts of his body, including his right shoulder, and brown marks on his left cheek, right eye, and left elbow.


The boy’s father made a police report two days later.


The 24-year-old pleaded guilty to ill-treating the boy by biting him twice, claiming that it was an “act of love”, to which District Judge Hamidah Ibrahim disagreed, saying: “We do not treat babies like that. They are not at an age where they can be disciplined.”


Her 10-week sentence was higher than the eight weeks sought for by the prosecution.


A tearful Mya Pwint Phyu said in mitigation: “I would like to go back home as soon as possible.”


For ill-treating a child by doing an act likely to cause him/her unnecessary injury, she could have been jailed up to four years or fined up to $4,000, or both.



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