1000 FREE Ice-Creams as 72nd birthday gift from Lavender Ice-Cream uncle!

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In a wholesome act of generosity, 72 year-old Jimmy Teng has decided to spread the joy of his birthday by giving out 1000 free ice-creams on his birthday at Lavender MRT.

Apparently, this is not his first time! On his 70th birthday, he prepared 700 servings, but managed to give out 900 servings in 6 hours instead.

Mr. Teng definitely sees the beauty in giving, with him saying “I’m so happy. I wouldn’t be this happy if I won the lottery!”

Mr. Teng’s generosity and warmth has not gone unnoticed, with a plethora of glowing reviews all over his Facebook page.

Whether you want to wish him happy birthday or support his business, check him out at Lavender MRT area today!

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