11 mandopop songs that bring back MEMORIES [MALE version]

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If you’re a 90s’ kid and have listened to mandopop songs, we confirm plus chop you’ve heard of these songs and when you do, a sense of nostalgia is guaranteed. They are the ones that your mic-hoarding friends scream their lungs out to when at the KTV studio and if you have never been to one, the list below is the 101 of KTV songs.


In light of the upcoming World Cup, here are our picks that make the male squad list. (in no particular order)


11. 朋友– Wakin Chau “peng you”


10. 我难过– 5566 “wo nan guo”


9. 第一次– Michael Wong “di yi ci”


8. 梁山伯与朱丽叶– Gary Cao & Genie Zhuo “liang shan bo yu zhu li ye”


7. 寂寞边界– Nicholas Teo “ji mo bian jie”


6. 手放开– Sam Lee “shou fang kai”


5. 爱我还是他– David Tao “ai wo hai shi ta”


4. 新不了情– Jam Hsiao “xin bu liao qing”


3. 一千年以后– JJ Lin “yi qian nian yi hou”


2. 心跳– Wang Leehom “xin tiao”


1.  晴天– Jay Chou “qing tian”


No KTV session is complete without a song by Mr. J right?


Of course, there are other songs that could arguably have made the list, or replace the list entirely. Drop a comment on which song(s) should make the list!





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