18-year old athlete was ‘massaged’ by coach before being forced to orgasm.

It seems that the USA is not alone in having high-ranking sports professionals abuse their power to exploit young girls for their desire.

Veteran athletics coach, Low Siang Piow, 73, is currently standing trial for use of criminal force and molesting a female athlete, who was 18-years old during the ordeal between January and March 2013. The trial began yesterday (22 Jan) and is expected to conclude by Friday (25 Jan).

Loh is currently still Singapore Athletics’ Vice-President (competitions organising), though on leave of absence for the trial. ST Photo: Kevin Lim
The then 18-year old athlete (name undisclosed for privacy) only mustered the courage to confide in her parents after over three years that Loh, her coach, had molested her on multiple occasions.

She only did so after hearing directly from another 16-year old who also suffered the same experience, and decided to speak out to prevent more young girls from falling victim.

Her parents response? They did not believe her at first, discouraged her by telling her it would be a hassle to attend frequent police interviews, and her father told her to “move on”.

It was only after she broke down in front of them and confessed that Loh used the guise of a ‘massage for muscle cramps’ to sexually abuse her and force her to orgasm, that her father realised the severity of the issue and relented.

There were at least 2 separate instances of sexual abuse, one in the spectators’ seats at Tampines Stadium, and another on a sports massage bed in an equipment room.

Loh also faces 3 more similar charges for his sexual abuse against the 16-year old athlete. If convicted, he could face up to 2-years jail, and/or fined.

Bear in mind that these are merely the currently reported cases. There could well be many more instances of abuse where his victims are too psychological traumatized or afraid of social repercussions to speak up.

It should also be noted that a man’s career achievements or seeming professionalism have nothing to do with his real character: Loh is a former national sprinter who won a 4x100m relay silver at the 1973 South-east Asian Games, and coached multiple national athletes before. Yet, if the allegations prove true, he was merely a perverse man abusing his power to exploit young girls.

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What is the #MeToo movement?

#MeToo is a hashtag movement inspired by the multiple high profile sexual misconduct allegations against Hollywood film producer Harvey Weinstein. It is meant to empower women who have experienced any form of sexual abuse to speak out against it on any preferred platform, and eradicate the sense of stigma, shame and personal blame often tied to the experience.

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