18 year old girl alert neighbours to evacuate fire – Hero

Ang Mei Qi, an 18 year old girl, can now be considered a hero among her neighbourhood after she rushed to inform her neighbours on the outbreak of a fire.

Source: Straits Tines
Ang was at home, busy with her computer, around 10pm when she suddenly heard a loud ‘boom’. She came out to discover that a flat belonging to a family with pet cats was on fire.
She then quickly went to alert all her surrounding neighbours living on the same floor to evacuate. Police officers were able to arrive to help out with a smooth evacuation. One also carried an old lady with walking-difficulty on his back to evacuate faster.
There is no injuries reported but unfortunately, 3 cats were unable to escape and died in the fire. The pet owner was found visibly upset as she was comforted by her friends.
As investigations are still being conducted, it is speculated that the cause of fire was the charging of multiple appliances at the same time – including an electric scooter.

Hmm…this reminds me of another incident

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