2 HIT BY TRAIN while taking selfies

Selfie culture has become an integral part of our society, especially among the younger generation. However, a peculiar trend of selfie related incidents is also on the rise.

In the addition to the long list of selfie related deaths and injuries, a man and a woman were seriously injured when they were hit by a train while posing for selfies at a Bangkok railway station during the wee hours of Thursday (Feb 9).

Allegedly, the incident happened when 28-year-old Walailak Sukama and 25-year-old Amnaj Nawantib decided to take photos with an outbound train in the background. Unfortunately, they did not notice an inbound train on the track they were standing on.

The woman was dragged by the moving train, which severed her leg, while the man was knocked unconscious.

According to their friend who was also at the scene of the accident, they were drinking alcohol prior to the accident.

Both victims were  immediately taken to a nearby hospital.

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