2 men ARRESTED for drug offences after passer-by presumed they were “dead”

While unconscious on the ground, two men were mistaken to be dead by a passer-by when they were spotted at a carpark near Foch Road on Tuesday morning (May 8), who then alerted the police.

They knocked themselves out (literally) with alcohol and drugs as they were found to be asleep in a car when the police arrived. When the police woke them up, the pair seemed to be drunk and under the influence of drugs.


The police reaffirmed their suspicions after a search conducted on the vehicle revealed substances believed to be drugs.


The pair, a 23 and 26-year-old, were arrested for suspected drug-related offences at about 10.30am the same day.

An offensive weapon was also found to be in the possession of the younger man.


Police investigations are ongoing.



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