20 year-old PR admits to Sex Offences against 10 Girls aged 12-13

A 20-year-old male permanent resident pleaded guilty yesterday (19 Feb) to sex offences against 10 girls aged 12 to 13.

His modus operandi for the crime?

Facebook and Instagram.

After befriending girls aged 12 and 13 on social media, Goh Kar Aip chatted to them about sex-related topics, before progressing to asking them to send him their nude pictures.PHOTO: LIANHE ZAOBAO
Image of Goh Kar Aik. Source

20-year old Gor Kar Aik used Facebook and Instagram to stalk schoolgirls – all from single sex schools – and pretended to ‘befriend them’ via private messages.

Following an exchange of a few innocuous messages, Goh would eventually bring up sex-related topics.

He would then tell them he ‘liked’ them, and demand them to send him their nude photos.

While most of the girls would break off the conversation at this point, some of them actually complied.

Goh would then request to meet them, where he would sexually violate them.

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Sexually Violating 12-year old Girl

In one case, Goh asked a 12-year old who had just completed her PSLE to be his girlfriend via Instagram chats.

The girl agreed, because Goh had told her he liked her.

On Dec 19 2015, Goh brought her to his Hougang flat, where he groped her and sexually assaulted her by penetration.

The girl was traumatised by the encounter and wanted to ‘break-up’ with him.

However, Goh threatened to exposed their text conversation about kissing, hugging and masturbation to her school, and forced her to continue meeting up with him.

He then carried out further sexual offences against her, including sexual acts at a staircase landing and taking pictures of his hand up her clothes.

Goh similarly sexually abused 8 other female victims aged 12-13.

Caught by Schoolteacher

Goh was caught when a teacher heard about one of her students being harassed by a young man and decided to investigate.

The teacher discovered Goh abusing 3 students from the school, and a police report was lodged on 19 March 2016.

Goh has since pleaded guilty to four charges – three of sexual penetration of a minor and one of sexual assault by penetration – relating to two of the 10 victims

Another 34 charges will be taken into consideration when he is sentenced at a later date.

An Institute of Mental Health report stated he ‘did not fulfil the criteria to be diagnosed as a paedophile’, and that he targeted young girls from single-sex schools as he viewed them as easy targets.

The punishment for the most serious offences, sexual penetration of a minor and sexual assault by penetration, carries a maximum of 20 years’ jail and caning .

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