3 customers who thrashed a porridge stall at Upp Serangoon Road JAILED

Like children who cannot get what they want, two men and one woman thrashed a porridge restaurant in Upper Serangoon Road, causing about $10,000 of damages.

(From left: Tan Sung Meng, Ang Sim Poh, Pang Pei Pei)


The two men- Tan Sung Meng, 47, and Ang Sim Poh, 49, were sentenced to six weeks in jail while the woman- Pang Pei Pei, 41, was sentenced four weeks, all on the charge of committing mischief.


The trouble-making trio arrived at the porridge restaurant which they frequented at 3.30 am on May 27 last year (2017), after they had consumed alcoholic beverage.


When the food they ordered was delivered by the waitress, Chia Ai Cheng, 38, they were charged $28. Being regular customers at the restaurant, Pang repeatedly questioned Ms. Chia about the unusually high cost of the meal and requested for the breakdown of their bill.


When Ms. Chia was unable to answer Pang, she then threw her bowl of porridge into the shop.


In closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage shown in court, Tan and Ang were seen joining the rage, throwing stools, bowls and other items onto the food counter in the front of the shop.

Their rampage came to a premature end after a minute and they left the premises soon after, leaving the shop strewn with broken bowls and cutlery- as if it was hit by an earthquake.


Fortunately, their actions did not result in any injuries.


For committing mischief that caused a loss of $500 and upwards, Tan, Ang and Pang could have been jailed for two years and fined.



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