3-year-old suffers ‘Horrific Bruise’ on Ear while in pre-school

Ms Claudia Kwan, the mother of the 3-year-old, was horrified when she found out the bruise on her daughter’s ear, after returning with her from pre-school in Feb 2018.

A photo posted on Facebook by the mother, showing the bluish-purple bruise and peeling skin on her daughter’s ear.

The bruise was discovered by Ms Kwan’s husband, when he fetched his daughter from the pre-school and sensed that something was wrong.

It is believed that the girl attended a pre-school in Ang Mo Kio.

He checked on her after parking the car, and was horrified to seeing a big and deep purple bruise on her upper right ear.

In her Facebook Post, Ms Kwan described her daughter’s ear as “badly bruised to such an extent that it was swelling badly,”, after asking her what happened, the little girl broke down in tears.

Ms Kwan said she had called the school, but did not get an explanation of what had happened.

She then took her girl to two paediatricians, who both determined that the bruise was neither caused by an accident, nor insect bites.

A police report was lodged after informing the school principal about the diagnosis.

Ms Kwan mentioned that her daughter had been having nightmares since the incident, and underwent drastic behavioural changes.

The injury on the girl’s ear had not healed after more than three weeks.

Her daughter had received help from a psychiatrist and a counseller, and stopped attending the pre-school since the incident.

The police commented that “Investigations are ongoing and the investigation officer has updated Ms Claudia Kwan on the status.”

Ms Kwan is still waiting to get an answer from the school for closure.

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