4 police officers from Elite Rapid Deployment Troops in motorcycle collision on PIE

The collision of two motorcycles carrying four police officers on the Pan-Island Express (PIE) was filmed by a dashboard camera on the car travelling behind them last Saturday, 10 Mar 2018.

A screengrab of the video on the collision.

The officers involved are from the Rapid Deployment Troops (RDT), who specializes in emergency response and anti-terrorist situation.

They are handling an 800cc dual-purpose motorcycle that can handle rough terrain and allows them to manoeuvre through traffic to reach the incident site quickly.

The bikes weigh around 210kg, and is equipped with blinking lights, sirens, crash bars and special latch to carry two riot shields if it is ever needed.

In the video, the car travelling behind them managed to stop in time to avoid running over the officers.

Two of the bikers suffered minor injuries, other two were unharmed.

“We would like to thank the public for their concern. Two police officers sustained light injuries and have received outpatient treatment,” they said, adding that no one else was hurt and the Traffic Police is investigating the accident.

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