5 innovative restaurants to visit in Ubud, Bali


1. Locavore

The archipelago’s only entry on the Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants list in recent years – it’s currently ranked 21st – Locavore’s commitment to local produce is second to none among its Balinese peers. Expect delights such as Into the Sawah, a dish that’s based around Balinese rice and a rich, hyper-yellow, 64-degree duck egg sourced from a local farm.

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Hujan Locale

2. Hujan Locale

Chef-owner Will Meyrick is famous for hunting out local knowledge, and happily regales visitors with stories of learning this or that recipe from an ibu (literally “mother”, but also a respectful way to address women) in a far-flung village. Hujan Locale’s selection of dishes from across the archipelago brings bold flavours and high-end homecooking to Ubud’s food scene.

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3. Nusantara

Chef Putu was part of the original team at Locavore and now helms his very own spot. Putu showcases Indonesian heritage dishes that don’t hold back on spice or unique, tongue-twisting flavours. Highly rated is the beef brisket braised with potatoes, chilli, candlenut, pandan leaf, kemangi (lemon basil), kaffir lime juice and coconut milk.

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4. Mozaic

This is the granddaddy of fine dining in Ubud; few restaurants have had such an influence on the town’s food scene as this French-inspired, award-winning beauty from American chef Chris Salans. Keep an eye out for dishes featuring kluwak, a large nut from the local kepayang tree that is poisonous until it undergoes a laborious fermentation process.

Ubud best restaurants SilverKris
Pica South American Kitchen

5. Pica South American Kitchen

Peruvian food in Bali? Within moments of wolfing down Pica’s ceviche – with its pitch-perfect marinade (also known as tiger’s milk) and ocean-fresh seafood – you’ll be sold. This cosy spot is helmed by chef Cristian Encina, who learnt his trade at high-end restaurants overseas before bringing his gutsy flavours here.

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