5 MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) companies to Beware Of in Singapore!

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Most of you should have heard of MLM companies at least once in your life, and regrettably, most of them are just trying to rip you off your money while deceiving you in buying things you don’t need.

Here, we will tell you which companies to beware of when you ever encounter one!

Training provided. Flexible working hours. No one to boss you around. High profits, easy money. Sounds too good to be true? It probably is. Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) strategy has been around since the 1920s when upon the inception of Wachter, the proverbial father of MLMs. Since then, MLM companies have permeated the globe, from India to the UK to Singapore. But what’s so bad about MLMs?

MLM sales structures operate by having a person recruit another person and receiving commissions on the sales made by their recruit, and from the earnings of other people recruited by the recruit. However, the danger arises when there is an implicit membership fee to participate in the business model, and often these fees are rather steep indeed. Furthermore, members(salespeople) are not paid per hour, merely by a commission, making the incentive to sell the product greater. The true nail in the coffin is that the products sold by the company are often hard to sell and often of no true verifiable value, merely hearsay.

Thus, making profits from these companies are often difficult and frustrating, especially when one is starting from the bottom of the food chain.

Lets’ dive right into the 5 MLM companies in Singapore!


A health company focused on health, this company makes its dough through selling water purification devices. However, there have been nasty comments about it in an internet forum here: https://www.reddit.com/r/singapore/comments/66wycq/has_anyone_else_here_had_experiences_with_an_mlm/

2. Mary Kay

A beauty company with some bad comments…

3. Nefful

A Japan-based company dealing with clothes, but with some controversy…https://antionetterparker.tumblr.com/post/158454048946/is-nefful-just-another-negative-ion-scam

4. Herbalife

A sports/nutrition/health-centric company.

A documentary on the seemingly dark side of Herbalife.


5. Melaleuca

A company selling health products.

Strong opinions on Melaleuca.

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