5 BEST Craft Beer Taprooms in Europe!

The US has traditionally dominated the craft beer market, but Europe is slowly but surely bubbling up. For instance, according to global market research firm Mintel, the number of craft beer product launches in Europe increased by a whopping 178% in 2017. Get a taste of the trend at these must-visit taprooms across the region.

Beavertown London

1. Beavertown Brewery, London

Founded in 2011, Beavertown is today undoubtedly one of London’s most successful microbreweries – so much so that Heineken bought a minority stake in the company this June. Try its quirkily named brews like Gamma Ray (tinged with tropical notes of mango and grapefruit) and Neck Oil (a crisp and punchy IPA) at its taproom, which only opens for a precious few hours every Saturday.

Taproom Brouwerji Troost Ams
Brouwerij Troost

2. Brouwerij Troost, Amsterdam

Launched in 2014 in a former monastery in the De Pijp neighbourhood, the immensely popular Brouwerij Troost has since expanded to three other locations across the city, each with its own brewpub. The drinks menu is extensive – from light pilsners and sour fruit beers to barrel-aged barley wine – and is complemented by a range of pub grub, such as tacos and burgers.

CREW Republic Taproom Czech Republic
CREW Republic

3. Crew Republic, Munich

Munich may be home to countless traditional breweries and taverns, but it also has a thriving independent craft beer scene. A case in point is Crew Republic, a taproom in the northern suburbs that started life as a home-brewing experiment. Here, you’ll find creative tipples such as the intense, full-bodied Drunken Sailor IPA and the crisp, refreshing Easy pilsner. Tastings and tours are conducted only on Fridays.

Brasserie de la Goutte DOr Paris
Brasserie de la Goutte D’Or

4. Brasserie de la Goutte d’Or, Paris

This venue was the first microbrewery in Paris when it opened in the vibrant multicultural district of La Goutte d’Or in 2012. Its craft beers, which are brewed in small batches, include Château Rouge (a spicy red ale) and La Chapelle (a chai-infused wheat beer) – each named after a significant place or street in the neighbourhood.

The International Zurich
The International

5. The International, Zurich

While The International doesn’t produce its own beers, it brings together some of the best ales from small Swiss breweries such as Trois Dames, 523 and Storm & Anchor. Here, you’ll find a rotating selection of over 50 variants from all across the country, from amber ales to stouts; brews from the rest of Europe as well as the US are available, too.

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