5 Skills to Learn to clinch your Dream Job

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The Chinese have an excellent quote for learning, “活到老,学到老”. It vaguely translates to mean “It is never too late to learn”. So, if you are tired of your current job or just want a raise in pay, you should upgrade yourself by searching for “Skills to Learn”. After all. how can your pay increase when your skill set doesn’t increase?

Nah…don’t worry, I am not advertising that. SingaporeGo has kindly prepared a list of 5 skills that you should start learning if you want to improve your job prospect. So let’s begin

1. Coding or Programming

I believe you would have heard of the term Industry 4.0. It is the term for the current trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies. Incorporating cyber-physical systems, the Internet of Things and computing, every manual work will soon be taken over by machines. The only work available for humans in the near future could be simply to programme these machines.

Industry 4.0 Skills to Learn

The way you do your job could change forever

Even if you are merely involved in customer relations and not the development of the software, having knowledge of programming can give you an edge. Your boss may value your desire to learn and let you manage a team of software engineers.

Voila! You are now a manager.

2. New Language

Most Singaporeans should know 2 languages, English and their mother-tongue.

However, with more firms from foreign countries coming into Singapore, being bilingual no longer seem sufficient. We have companies like TUV SUD PSB coming in from Germany and some others from Japan, maybe it could do employees well to be trilingual.

Trilingual - Skill to Learn

French, Spanish and English

This way, multinational corporations would value you higher. They are more likely to send you to their home country to converse with the big bosses there, giving you that big fat pay rise.

3. Public Speaking

Almost everyone has no problem talking to their friends or colleagues they are close to. As long as you guys share a common topic, the conversation will never end. However, what if you are tasked to present the company’s big idea to a client?

Public Speaking - Skill to Learn

I think I will wet my pants…

One wrong word and you lost the million dollar deal. You will most likely lose your job as well. Instead of losing your job, why not clinch that deal for your company and propel yourself up the social ladder. Once you get the confidence, you will never need to change your pants after a presentation anymore.

4. Human Management

As long as you do not know how to manage a group of people, you will never be appointed as a team manager. However, managing a team is not as simple as giving orders to people.

Leadership - A Skill to Learn

What makes a good leader?

You need to make your team members respect you out of their own will. However, you cannot let your team members get too comfortable with you as they will just climb over your head.

Unfortunately, there is not much avenue to practise this skill and you would just have to train it on the go.

5. Networking with potential Big-Shots

Many times, people who work very hard do not succeed while their care-free peers hit jackpot. While people blame it on fate, I believe that it is because these people found important connections.

Learn to Network

Shaking hands with big-shots like Obama

Knowing important businessmen could help you improve your chance of getting a good job. The man you look down on right now could very well become your boss in the future.

Don’t look down on anyone even if the ideas they offer sounds funny right now. If you interact with them well, they could remember you when they become successful. Heck, they could even help you when you are in trouble.

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