5 Things to do When You Got Nothing to Do

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Many times, we find ourselves having nothing to do. Our friends are either busy with their own schedules or we simply have no friends. So, we just lie on the sofa thinking of something to do while our mums shout at us in the background.

When You do Nothing at Home

The same situation with my mum except that she shouts “You are damn useless!” instead

There are actually many things to do instead of rotting away. I have kindly compiled a list for you so let’s start reading!

5. Exercise

Instead of nurturing those love handles of yours, why not do something about them.

Nothing beats love handles

Those are not excessive skin for your friends to pull

By either running or taking a slow walk, you can burn these off while admiring the view. If you own a bicycle, that is even better. Bring your phone with you while you randomly explore your neighbourhood. When it is time to go home, you at least have a GPS to fall back on.

If your mum or dad is willing, you can also have a game of badminton or basketball with them. Furthermore, this improves your chances of getting a bigger allowance for the coming week.

However, this is probably a bad idea when the weather is damn hot or you are just lazy AF. But this does not mean that you cannot go out another time.

4. Plan an outing with friends

A sudden get-together plan is too rushed for your friends? Well, planned ahead so they get the notice earlier. This forces them to schedule their activities around your get-together and thus you would not get rejected next time.

However, what if the reason for your solitude is just simply because you have no friends? Well, you can either cry in your room or continue reading down the list.

3. Solve Puzzles

Solving puzzles can be a good way to pass time. Sometimes you get stuck on a piece for so long that you are basically not doing anything

Doing Nothing Actually

Deep thoughts

You can either purchase puzzles online or from the physical shops. Get those more challenging puzzles so you will never feel bored again forever. You can also buy a rubric’s cube and learn the algorithm online to solve it.

Looking for more challenging? Try solving it blind-folded or while juggling 3 of them.

Better than doing Nothing

You thought I was kidding?

2. DayDreaming

This is for those who simply do not want to do anything. Like really, if you do not even want to use your computer or go to sleep, just lie on your sofa and daydream.

Equivilent to doing nothing

Stare at the sky or your ceiling

Studies have proven to daydream is actually beneficial to one’s mind and health. Furthermore, you can think about your life purpose and the meaning of life.

If you are lucky, you may even come up with the cure for cancer or think of the next big theory.

1. Read News Articles

There is a chance that none of the earlier 4 tips may excite you. Well, we have come to the last and I sincerely hope it can benefit you.

Doing this not only helps you be more aware of current affairs but also broaden your mind. For JC students, this is especially beneficial for your GP.

What doing nothing gets you

This guy probably read a lot

What should you read? Well, Straits Times has put on the premium wall but I would still say it has good articles. Channel Newasia is not bad but honestly, I think this website is the best.

Hope at least one of the above 5 tips have improved your day and you can check out more similar articles below.


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