63 year old grandfather sexually abuses grandson pleas guilty

A 63 years old man sexually abused his grandson twice, before the story came to light after a seemingly ordinary conversation between the 8 years old and his mother before bed.

His mother told him to go to bed early since they are heading out next morning, and said that he will have to stay with his grandfather if he cannot wake up in time.

The boy panicked thus confide in her about the sexual abuses he went through when he was alone with the old man.

The old man pleaded guilty in High Court to one charge of molestation and one charge of aggravated sexual assault by penetration, on 22 February, 2018.

Three other charges will also be considered during sentencing, two counts for showing pornographic videos to minor and one count of molestation.

The case was delayed to April 4th for further investigations and sentencing arguments.

The boy was 7 years old when he was abused by his grandfather in their family’s four room flat.

Earlier in 2015, the man fondled his grandson in his bedroom, but was cut short as the family’s domestic maid called for the boy.

He warned the boy to not say anything as to not cause complication with his parents.

The man ended his drug rehabilitation in September 2016, and was allowed to return to his family.

Few days later on 28 Sept, the boy’s grandfather sexually violated the boy in his room again, this time with penetration. He, again, warned the boy to not tell anyone about this.

On the 22 Oct, the abuse was revealed to his mother through their seemingly ordinary conversation before bed.

She then confronted her father, the man admitted to his crime and wanted forgiveness. Police report was filed the next day.

More and more sexual abuse cases are happening lately, what will the government do to reduce it? I guess we will find out in the near future.

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