7-Eleven employee attacked after refusing to sell alcohol to customer

Retail shops in Singapore are not allowed to sell takeaway alcohol after 10:30 p.m. at night till 7 a.m. the next day. This Act was implemented largely due to the Little India Riot back in 2013.  So when a cashier refuses to sell alcohol within the time range, he is a law-abiding citizen.

However, a 7-Eleven employee was assaulted when he tried to be a law-abiding citizen.

Source: STOMP, Employee trying to call for ambulance after being attacked

7 minutes into the cut-off time, a man tried his luck at buying beer in a 7-Eleven store at Changi Village. The employee, who was working along at that time, refused to sell.

This infuriated the buyer who then violently assaulted the employee. The assault lasted for 30 seconds before the buyer ran off. Still conscious, the employee picked himself up and called the ambulance and the police on his own.

Mr Muhammad Firdaus Ahmad Fauzi was a witness and wrote in, to Stomp, to report his recount. Mr Firdaus was buying dinner with his friend and saw the employee shouting for help and banging on the store’s glass front from inside.

We thought he was getting robbed

Mr Firdaus first reaction. Mr Firdaus and his friend did offer help and the ambulance came shortly after.

A 7-Eleven spokesman said that the company is aware of the incident. They have provided the victim with medical leave and sent a team to visit him. Necessary assistance is also provided while they work with the police on their investigations.

UPDATE (23 FEB 2018):

A photo of the attacker was released by the police. More details here:

Identity of 7-Eleven attacker revealed


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