7 Instagramable Desserts to expect at The Great Food Festival in Singapore

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Everyone loves a good meal, ending it with some desserts. Get ready for The Great Food Festival organised by Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) and event company Savour which runs from Sept 21 to 24. The festival will be filled with both sweet and savoury items to fill your tummy as well as masterclasses by chefs to hone your skills. Here are the 7 Instagramable desserts you can expect at The Great Food Festival!



Cakes and Masterclass from Julian Angel

The 31-year-old Colombia native first started baking three years ago when his attempt to bake a batch of chocolate muffins failed miserably. But he didn’t let one bad baking day keep him from baking. Instead, he spent the following six months developing baking skills that created his signature cakes that are fairy tale-inspired and would leave you dreaming for more.



Cakes by Cliff from Sydney, Australia

Clifford found his passion for baking through a baking weekly for his loved ones. In 2015 he directed his passion into a business and Cakes by Cliff is born! Clifford’s cake decorating style leans toward geometrical shapes, patterns and a flair for a different combination of flavours.



Watermelon Strawberry cake by The of Black Star Pastry

The world famous Watermelon Strawberry cake will be arriving in Singapore. This cake can be sold out before noon in Sydney. So be there early to get a taste of this wonderful cake!



Glow-in-the-dark doughnuts by The of Black Star Pastry

A sister product of The world famous Watermelon Strawberry cake is the glow in the dark doughnuts called, Glownuts. The doughnuts’ icing is a yuzu glaze that gets its glow from vitamin B, which is often used to create glow-in-the-dark food.


Unicorn Cupcake by Creme Maison Bakery

Our Singapore’s Cupcake OG is also participating, displaying the most exquisite piping design for each instamgrable cupcakes. They will be bringing their latest creation the Unicorn cupcakes to the Food Festival stage.



Dainty Eclairs by L’Eclair

Another Singapore OG in desserts, specifically the Eclairs. Fusing the dainty French pastry with a variety of creams and intricate designs. A great dessert to feast on both with sight and taste.



Local Flavours/Gourmet marshmallows by The Wicked Cream

These gourmet marshmallows are produced by all natural ingredients and free of preservatives. Which means they are definitely softer, richer and fluffier. The Wicked Cream uses local flavours like roasted black sesame and sea salt gula melaka.

Ticket sales are open, so get your cameras ready and get your tickets here!

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