72-year old woman pushed over by snatch thief, falls into drain.

A snatch theft involving a 72-year old woman and two men was caught on CCTV in Kelantan, on Sunday (Feb 25), Malaysia media reported.

The CCTV footage can be seen below:

From the video, it can be seen that as the elderly lady approaches her car, a man suddenly comes from behind her and pulls her bag away.

In the ensuing struggle, the woman falls and can be seen hitting her head onto the concrete pavement and passing out.

Meanwhile, the thief escaped in a black Proton Persona driven by an accomplice.

The woman remained motionless on the ground for a few minutes, while a motorcyclist in a purple checkered shirt sees the incident but elects not to help.

Motorcyclist in checkered shirt (top left) witnesses woman falling into drain, but did not go forward to help her. However, he still did stay on at the scene.

After some time, she tries to get up but, horrifyingly, falls into the drain she was on top of instead.

Fortunately, more passersby with empathy managed to come to her rescue, and lifted her out of the drain.

The woman was bloodied by the incident and sent to a Malaysian hospital afterward. The extent of her injuries are not yet known.

2 brothers arrested

According to Malaysian media outlet the Star, 2 suspects, brothers aged 27 and 33, were caught within a couple of hours within the incident from a tip off.

Likely, someone spotted a carplate with the same carplate number as the one seen in the video and led the police to arrest them.

Hopefully, justice is served, and that all parties involved will get their due desserts from the incident.

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