8 Things to Know about Boon Tat Stabbing

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Source: The Straits Times

8 Things you should know about the Boon Tat stabbing incident

1.Victim and Attackers are In-Laws

Mr Tan Nam Seng (Attacker) and Mr Spencer Tuppani Shamlal Tuppani (Victim) are actually in-laws. Mr Tuppani is married to Mr Tan’s daughter, Ms Tan Cheng Cheng.


Source: The Straits Times


2.Father in Law is Director of many firms

Mr Tan Nam Seng has been director or owner of various firms with names beginning with “TNS”, his initials. He is currently still listed as director and a shareholder of TNS Group Holdings and TNS Seacon. Mr Tan is also former director of TNS Ocean Lines.


Source: The Straits Times


3.Son in Law works for Father in Law

Mr Tan is not the only person in TNS Ocean Lines. Mr Tuppani used to work for his Father-in-Law at TNS Ocean Lines as chief executive officer. Mr Tuppani was one of the five TNS shareholders.


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Source: Talent One


4.Sold everything to bring company back to profitability

Mr Tuppani said to have sold “practically everything he owned” to invest in TNS Ocean Lines when it was on the brink of bankruptcy during the 2008 financial crisis. Turning back to profitability in 18 months.

5.Outstanding Entrepreneur Award

Prior to working for his Father-in-Law, Mr Tuppani was nominated as a finalist for the Outstanding Entrepreneur Award at the Singapore Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry-DBS Singapore Indian Entrepreneur Awards in 2014.


Source: The Straits Times


6.What is done is done…

During the incident, a witness tried to help the Mr Tuppani but Mr Tan pushed him away, saying: “That is my son-in- law. Don’t help him. Let him die.” Later on, it was overheard that Mr Tan said in a phone call: “I have already stabbed him. Don’t cry. I am old already and I am not afraid to go to jail. What is done is done.”

After the incident, Mr Tan was very calm and neatly dressed, looking like he was prepared for the police to come and arrest him

7.Investigations are still going on

Currently, Mr Tan is being charged in court today (12 July) and further investigations are conducted. He remained calm in court as charges are read to him. If convicted, he will face the death penalty.


Source: The Straits Times


8.Happy Family Facade

Neighbours said that Mr Tuppani is a nice man, who often greets his neighbours. While Mr Tan is more reserved and quiet. Next door neighbours commented that “On the surface, they were a very happy family. They lived together. How can something like this happen?”

As the proverb says, every family as a story and it is sad to see this family ending theirs with such a tragedy.

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