Dim Sums and Theme Parks – A Hong Kong Itinerary


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Travel Writing Contest

The following itinerary is written by a finalist of our writing contest, Windelle.


“Quid Pro Ho”, said Lucifer Morningstar.

Surely, no amount of devilish thought could propel the willingness of “favour or advantage granted or expected in return for something”.

Por favour, be it study or work or anything that keeps the bees buzzing, do your soul a favour as such that the “he/she hasn’t died while living” fire will keep burning. Travel is a notion in return for what else happens in our daily lives. One could arguably say that travel should be included in Maslow Hierarchy of Needs Theory.

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Nonetheless, Asian countries offer remedies to a crooked soul as they are combinations of European and deeply-rooted Asian cultures as visibly seen on the scrumptious food, art, architecture, and people. Accordingly, Hong Kong hosts the largest number of tourists per year with 2011 recording over 41.92 million visitors who spent more than $33.7 billion.

Verily, with that fact in mind, no one with correct mind would deny the privilege to travel to Hong Kong with Quid Pro Quo, an attempt to give their body and soul the treatment they deserved. And that includes 3 young Accountants, my friends and I, who managed to pull off a 3-days DIY-itinerary around Hong Kong.

How to get around Hong Kong

Hong Kong offers a few public transportations to get around the city- bus, rail, ferry, and tram. Personally, the easiest way of getting around the city is through rail, or their MTR (Mass Transit Railway). It reaches most of the city, having over 150 stations. Fares range from around HK$4 to $50, depending on the distance.

The most convenient way to pay for these is with the Octopus Card. This card can also be used to pay for other public transportation, some stores, and vending machines.

Where to stay in Hong Kong

A favorite place for first-time travelers and most tourists to stay at is Tsim Sha Tsui (TST). Located in Kowloon, TST houses various accommodations to choose from – from backpackers to luxury hotels. This area has the best location as it gives you a view over one of the greatest skylines in the world. TST also offers great nightlife, and a few cafes and markets.

Cr: Windelle Rosles Castillo (SingaporeGO!)

What and where to eat

Hong Kong boasts some of the world’s best restaurants, with some even earning the Michelin star.

Cr: Windelle Rosles Castillo (SingaporeGO!)

One experience that you shouldn’t miss in Hong Kong is trying out their Dim Sum. Hong Kong is often said to have the best dim sum in the world. One of the best dim sum restaurants is the Michelin-star restaurant, Tim Ho Wan, serving mouth-watering dim sum at affordable prices.

Cr: Windelle Rosles Castillo (SingaporeGO!)

While in Hong Kong, you should also try bubble tea. Although it is originated in Taiwan, tourists and even locals love bubble tea, as it is apparent as it can be found everywhere in the city.

Cr: Windelle Rosles Castillo (SingaporeGO!)

Another must-try in the Hong Kong food scene is their street food. You may want to try the curry fishballs, stinky tofu, egg waffles, deep-fried pig intestine, and siu mai to name a few.


We do have a very funky itinerary which is very relevant and yet conducive to some millennial as such on our very first day in HK, we have the so-called “Instagrammable Day”. This day focuses on places or architecture that are “instagram worthy”. Hence, the kind of places that gave inspiration to strike a pose and be in awed of the beauty of their innate cultures. The main purpose of travel is not to shout to digital world platform. But while healing the soul and feeding the mind with what we learn and see, why not?

DayThursday, March 14, 2019instagrammableday
113:00 - 14:00Royal Pacific Hotel and Tower
14:30 - 15:00Chi Lin Nunnery
15:30 - 16:30Nan Lian Garden
17:00 - 18:00Choi Hung Estate
19:30 - 20:00Symphony of Lights

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Royal Pacific Hotel and Tower

Royal Pacific Hotel and Tower not only offers hotel accommodation but also panoramic view of the Victoria Harbor and is also a direct access to Macau-HK Ferry.

Cr: Windelle Rosles Castillo (SingaporeGO!)

The architecture of the hotel is also one of a kind. Bathed with golden homage, the luxurious view is often one of the social media-savvy travelers’ go-to spot.

Cr: Windelle Rosles Castillo (SingaporeGO!)

Not to mention, the smell of coffees and food from nearby cafes and resto unwillingly embezzled one’s nostrils.

Cr: Windelle Rosles Castillo (SingaporeGO!)

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Nan Lian Garden

Cr: Windelle Rosles Castillo (SingaporeGO!)

Want some tranquil and yet very picturesque escapes? Nan Lian Garden, located at Diamond Hill, is a public garden which combines eye-relaxing scenery, gorgeous bonsai and lotus garden. Amidst the immaculate beauty reside unexpectedly in concrete jungles, you bet it is very instagram worthy place.  

Cr: Windelle Rosles Castillo (SingaporeGO!)

Exhibitions regarding Chinese Timber architecture, rocks, and plants are also shown in different parts of the garden. While at it, try their teahouse and vegetarian restaurant.

Cr: Windelle Rosles Castillo (SingaporeGO!)

Chi Lin Nunnery

Cr: Windelle Rosles Castillo (SingaporeGO!)

The complex was built contentiously without the use of nails that could be traced back in 1930s.  Hailed as one of the largest HK Buddhist complex with intricate architecture and religious symbolism, tourist are expected to respect the tradition as well the cultures that their religion tried to compel.

Cr: Windelle Rosles Castillo (SingaporeGO!)

Consequently, no amount of money could buy a generation of divine heritages and thus, we should be responsible tourists!

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Choi Hung Estate

Cr: Windelle Rosles Castillo (SingaporeGO!)

Skyscrapers and condominiums are rampant among the land of HK but what makes Choi Hung Estate to be the alluring darling amongst others is that colorful condo, coconut trees and basketball court are the center of attraction of this estate and yet very instagram worthy.

This place may get crowded, somehow make sure to pin point the right timing to be there, perhaps early in the morning especially to get that clean and yet perfect instagrammable shot.

Symphony of lights

Every night since 2004, the multimedia lights up Victoria Harbor with one of most spectacular show in the world per se. Synchronization and precision with jaw-dropping Technicolor garnered massive audience waiting to applaud and appreciate the beauty of it at 8 pm. Presented by HK tourism and 19 key buildings working together tirelessly indeed making this as one of the must-see-tourist attraction in HK.

Cr: Windelle Rosles Castillo (SingaporeGO!)

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DayFriday, March 15, 2019#happiestplaceonearth
20900 - 2000Disneyland

Cr: Windelle Rosles Castillo (SingaporeGO!)

When in HK, your inner child will be quivering, waiting to be unleashed on the happiest place on earth. Disneyland offers endless possibilities to reminisce the core soul of a-child-like buried deep within the subconscious mind.

Cr: Windelle Rosles Castillo (SingaporeGO!)

Nonetheless, Disneyland also offers extreme (which definition may vary among individual) experience and mind provoking matter of all-time-favorite characters of Disney. The first heart break ever experienced by a child is through the movie Lion King which co-incidentally is one of the main shows in Disneyland. Stay tuned also with the Parade of Stars which verily, will leave your senses grounded on the mystic of ecstatically well-orchestrated parade.

Cr: Windelle Rosles Castillo (SingaporeGO!)

Quick Tip: Manage your time well in Disneyland as much as possible, plan what to ride first and be mindful of the show times. This is due to the fact that shows in Disneyland have distinct times whereas the rides are available all day (although with manageable waiting time). Also, download Disney app and take one of those maps at the entrance of Disneyland for better reference and guidance.

Cr: Windelle Rosles Castillo (SingaporeGO!)

Admission Fee: HK$ 619 for Adult and HK$ 458 for children.

Operating Hours: 10:00 am to 8:00 pm varies. So it is best to check the website first.

Day 3

DayFriday, March 15, 2019#happiestplaceonearth
20900 - 2000Disneyland

Ocean Park HK offers extremities beyond existence, say the coward, but it is also breath-taking out-of-this-moment of an adventure seeker’s adrenaline on an extremist’s point of view. Mind twisting rides, yells for life, moments of “thank you Lord I’m still alive”, devour of youthful intense and childish smiles can all be experienced in one day at Ocean Park.

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Cr: Windelle Rosles Castillo (SingaporeGO!)

Awareness for marine lives is one of the advocacies being stressed out in Ocean Park which adds up to the normal intake of man towards animal preservation.

Old Hong Kong ambiance is a spot that’s inclusively geared towards the calibrated moment of old HK years. Romantic lights, peaceful scenic and picturesque divinity, are a lot to appreciate and yet the glasses aren’t full enough to contain such feelings.

Tip: Try VR rides powered by Samsung. It takes up roller coaster ride to a new level.

Admission Fee: HK$ 480 for Adult and HK$ 240 for children.

Operating Hours: 10:00 am to 7:00 pm varies.

As Jasmine sings a whole new world at the top of her lungs, you could taste the unequivocal serene of traveling that open endless possibilities of maybes. Quid Pro Ho in the simplest term, an exchange favor could be a path in such a way that your spiritual sense re-return in amiable value with the notion of a whole new world.

Millennial had been characterized as those who love travel and often labeled as modern nomad. But the love of travel, be it anywhere should be platform for exchanged understanding and respect not just an empire of generation branding.

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