A Better “Fined” City

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Singapore is indeed a fine city. It is well-managed by the
government as shown by the abundance of flora and fauna,
giving it the name The Garden City, as well as the low crime rates around.
However, Singapore is also known to impose fines on any behaviour condemned by
the government.

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This time, it’s on the usage of Personal Mobility Devices
(PMDs) on the roads. PMDs refers to transport tools such as E-scooters and E-bicycles.
I am sure you would have seen a lot of these the past few days

On 15th Jan, The LTA released a statement saying
that they will impose fines for PMD users caught riding on roads. Under the
Road Traffic Act, usage of PMDs on the road is classified as illegal due to the
potential damage posed to other road users. Take a look at the notices by the LTA

It seems that the punishment for repeated offenders are much harsher so as to ensure that orders are maintain. Repeated offenders can face a fine up to SGD$5,000, up to 6 months in prison or even both.

By the way, if you are caught, make sure to just accept your fate and do not ride your E-scooter on the road again. Please do not be like this PMD user…

Watch closely at the 16 seconds mark onwards.

Surprising that in this Rainy Weather, Singaporeans are still using E-Scooters on the road…

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