All You Need To Know About Christmas

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Christmas is just around the corner, but do you know why Christmas?

What is Christmas? 

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Christmas is known as the “most wonderful time of the year” – but what does it really mean to us? We have gathered sources to help you understand better the meaning of Christmas and what the Christmas traditions of today means and the celebration of Jesus’ birth.


Who is Santa Claus?

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Jolly Old Saint Nicholas, Father Christmas, Kris Kringle, Santa! It turns out our beloved Christmas icon is a bishop in the church in the 300s. Legend says that Saint Nicholas gave money to the poor. Later declaring December 6th to be Saint Nicholas Day. In the early 1800s, Saint Nicholas – now known as Santa Claus became popular in the United States. Many of our modern traditions around Santa comes from an anonymous poem published in 1823 called “A Night Before Christmas.”

Christmas Presents

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St. Nicholas who was believed to be the first and original Santa Claus who brought gifts to children back in the 16th century on December the 6th.  Over time, it was merged with Father Christmas and December 25th. It is a tradition where he grew up in a town where they would create presents. Giving presents during the holiday season were banned. He then delivered presents in secret to them. Now he does it all over the world. It is a great show of kindness.

Christmas Carols

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The idea of celebrating in December with special songs has been around for hundreds of years – even before Jesus was born.

But of course, they didn’t call them Christmas carols back then, because Christmas didn’t exist!

In Roman times, when it was dark and cold, people used to cheer themselves up with a winter festival called the Saturnalia. It was a long, noisy party, with lots of wild dancing and singing.

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After Jesus was born and his teachings began to spread to the world, his followers wanted to encourage everyone to become Christian.

But they didn’t really approve of all of this noisy winter partying. They wanted everyone to celebrate the Christian message properly by singing about the birth of Jesus, so they put new Christian words to the old favourite songs.

Lucie explains: “The word ‘carol’ probably comes from the old French word ‘carole’, which – from around the mid-1100s – meant a popular circle dance accompanied by singing.”

By the late Middle Ages, carols had become more associated with Christmas and the nativity.

Christmas Turkey

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Turkeys were introduced in Britain more than 500 years ago by Yorkshireman William Strickland, who acquired six birds from American Indian traders on his travels.

Before that, people’s meat of choice for Christmas was geese, boars’ head and even peacocks.

But when turkeys arrived in this country, farmers realized that the animals they were killing for their Christmas feasts could be better used to provide other foods.

So, it has been left to the turkey to keep our stomachs full on Christmas Day – and many days after that.

Henry VIII was the first English king to enjoy turkey in the 16th century, although Edward VII made eating turkey fashionable at Christmas.

But even though turkey is now a regular feature on a great majority of British Christmas tables, it has only gone mainstream over the last 60 years.

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