Almost 70,000 cans of Duty-unpaid Beer Declared as Fruit Punch uncovered by ICA

The alcohol tax in Singapore is definitely hefty, but the penalty of trying to avoid it is even heavier.

On Thursday (22 Feb), the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) reported that it had uncovered 69,048 cans of duty-unpaid beer in a consignment at Pasir Panjang Scanning Station.

The beer had been declared as fruit punch.

The unpaid duty tax of the beer was $86,580, and the GST was to be $20,140.

Image result for beer disguised as pepsi
The smugglers weren’t as thorough as this group in Saudi Arabia, who attempted to smuggle beer as Pepsi into the country in 2015

The ICA labelled the method of concealment as a “cause of concern”, as it could be used by more people to smuggle items into Singapore in a similar fashion.

ICA detects an average of 247 cases of smuggling attempts are also detected at checkpoints daily, it added.

The case is currently being investigated by Singapore Customs.

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