Angsana Bintan FULL Review – MOST Family-Friendly Resort (2019)

Want a getaway but can't bear to leave your kids? This family-friendly resort has EVERYTHING for you and your little ones!

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Yearning for a weekend getaway with your little ones? Look no further because Angsana Bintan is the perfect resort for you.

This family-friendly resort sits on the coast of Bintan and it even has a Kids Club so you can rest assured that they’ll be in good hands. Put your mind at ease while you enjoy a spa with your other half.

Follow me as I take you through my first experience at Angsana Bintan.

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We’re Going On An Adventure

To start off our short trip, we took a fairly fast ferry ride to Bintan. The ferry ride was relatively smooth and not as bumpy as I expected.

After clearing the customs immigration, we then looked for the Angsana Bintan Shuttle Bus, which was almost impossible to miss due to its vibrant green colour. 

Before long, we were already passing through the gates of the resort.

Mid-Day Meal @ Lotus Cafe

As we had time to spare, we decided to grab a bite at Angsana’s main restaurant, the Lotus Cafe. The menu here was extensive and there was a wide selection of Asian delights ranging from Mee Goreng to Nasi Lemak.

The food was above average and was well worth the price we paid for.

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Exploring the Surroundings

Since Angsana Bintan is under the same parent company as the neighbouring resorts, we were able to utilise their facilities.

After Lunch, we proceeded for a stroll across the shared private beach. The shores were lined with several rocks and we were able to see a handful of fishes swimming in the waters.

While taking a stroll, we discovered a boardwalk which extends out into the sea. This place is a great spot for photo taking.

During our walk, we also passed by XANA Beach Club, the place where we would be getting our dinner. The soft lapping of waves coupled with the slow swaying of trees, the ambience here is truly remarkable.

On the way back to our rooms, we also came across the main swimming pool, which was almost empty when we visited. The surroundings were decked with bright yellow umbrellas and countless of lounge chairs, each topped with a fluffy towel.

A few minutes into the hot afternoon sun and we were already sweating through our shirts. Thank goodness it was time for us to collect our access cards.

Our Suite

For our family of four, consisting of two adults and two children, we booked the Island Family Suites. The whole apartment contained two bedrooms, one with two single beds and another with one queen sized bed.

The sight that greeted us was simply breathtaking.

Imagine walking into the apartment with direct access to your private sundeck, complete with a garden and sea view.

Oh, and how can we forget the private jet pool and the outdoor shower too!

Personally, I thought it great that Angsana Bintan tried to achieve a homely-feel in their rooms, as you can see from the various paintings and artworks hung on the orange walls.

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The Kids

For me, the kids club was a deciding factor when choosing a resort in Bintan. Having read online reviews about the excellent child facilities at Angsana Bintan, I knew which resort I had to visit.

Finding someone to look after your kids is a hassle, and I can personally attest to that. That’s why I insisted on bringing them along with us on this trip.

Jaylyn wanted to try out Cookie Art so Jayden decided to accompany his little sister. How sweet!

After dropping our kids off here, my hubby and I zoomed straight to Angsana Spa. Finally some alone time!

Angsana Spa

The venue was brightly lit by the sunlight and quite spacious. We requested a room for the two of us so that we received treatment in the same room.

As time passed, I fell into a blissful slumber, without a single care in the world. Being relieved from our parenting duties, temporarily at least, was certainly something that we have been yearning for very long.

All too soon, it was time to fetch our kids again…

Splish Splash by the Beach

For our next activity, we signed up for snorkelling in the shallow waters by the beach.

Initially, I was concerned about the safety of the children. Turns out, my concerns were unfounded when I caught sight of the kids’ life jackets, thoughtfully prepared by the Angsana staff.

There weren’t many fishes but it was a first for the kids, so they were really excited. Jaylyn and Jayden were practically screaming in delight once they entered the water.

We even managed to catch the sunset!

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BBQ @XANA Beach Club

For our dinner, we chose to dine at XANA Beach Club, the place where we passed by earlier on. We had a BBQ Dinner Buffet, which was held every Saturday night.

[Bintan] Angsana Resort - MOST FAMILY-FRIENDLY Resort in Bintan

Despite being exhausted after the day’s activities, Jayden was still observant enough to point out the bright starry sky above our heads.

So it was basically beachfront dining under the stars.

As expected, the ambience here was wonderful. Imagine the live band playing in the background, as you savour on the juicy and tender BBQ meat.

[Bintan] Angsana Resort - MOST FAMILY-FRIENDLY Resort in Bintan

The barbeque smell that wafted through the air filled our nostrils and left all of us asking for more, even the kids!

A Surprise!

The next morning, we got up early for a very special event, a unique experience only available at Angsana Bintan.

Though it was hard to convince the sleepyheads to get up, they instantly bolted out of their beds when they heard that we were going to see turtles!

By the time we arrived at the beach, the sun was already rising from the horizon and there was already a considerable crowd forming by the beach.

The hatchlings were kept in buckets and people were huddled around it. The oohs and ahhs were clearly audible.

The Angsana Staff gave us a short and sweet explanation on how to handle the tiny marine animals.

Having not touched a sea turtle before, both Jayden and Jaylyn were amazed at this one-of-a-kind experience. Seeing their bright smiles was enough to make me happy.

First Meal of the Day

For our breakfast, we headed to the Lotus Cafe, where we had our lunch the previous day.

Tables were stacked high with piles and piles of food, not forgetting the essentials like coffee and toast. The mix of Western and Asian cuisines was a plus for us as it suited our taste buds perfectly despite being in a foreign country.

Furthermore, you’ll be able to find comfort food such as nasi lemak and mee goreng, alongside the sausages and omelettes.

Even the meals seem to be catered to the little ones as well.

Don’t be too surprised when you see chocolate-coated doughnuts and hashbrowns on your child’s plate!

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Up Close & Personal with Nature

Stuffed with food from the amazing breakfast, we embarked on a Mangrove Tour.

We put on our life jackets and hopped on a small boat. As we neared the mangroves, we could clearly hear the buzzing of nature. 

Our knowledgable tour guide expertly spotted the animals through the thick vegetation, and enthusiastically pointed them out to us. We managed to spot tree snakes, squirrels and even monitor lizards.

If your children are animal lovers, then this place will surely make their day.

Goodbye Angsana Bintan

Finally, it was time to go home. This concludes our trip to Angsana Bintan. As you can see from my experience, this resort has shown their competence in handling the needs of young families. Therefore, there is no doubt that this resort is highly recommended for families, especially those with young children.

Angsana Bintan has definitely lived up to their reputation of being the most child-friendly resort in the area. I visited with high expectations and I’m proud to say that Angsana Bintan has exceeded all of them.

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