The ANMON Resort Bintan – a Review of the Cool Glamping Tent, Activities & BBQ Experience!

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Day 1

When we arrived at The ANMON Resort Bintan, it was raining. What a bummer! But the staffs were really encouraging, telling us it would stop soon. And after checking us in, they also suggested us to go for a massage while waiting for the rain to stop.

The Room

The Bedroom at The ANMON Resort Bintan


Me at the Resting Corner in the Room, The ANMON Resort Bintan

Checking into the room, we realised it was clean, simple and spacious. The plus point, it was air-conditioned! And with the good insulation, we couldn’t really hear the heavy rain hitting on the roof and body of the hut.

The Bathroom at The ANMON Resort Bintan

The bathroom was of a great size too, the downside being the rainwater coming in from a small opening.

The Activities

After getting settled in, we decided to go for a 1hr30mins spa session at the massage parlour. However, it was quite a distance away from our hut. But luckily for us, the staffs sent us a buggy, helping us to get there. How sweet of them! We really enjoyed the spa session as it was so amazing. And what’s even more awesome is the rain finally stopped raining after our spa. Finally, we could get out there and have fun.

Preparing to go for Wake-Boarding, The ANMON Resort Bintan

We decided to try wake-boarding since we had never done it before. Being our first time, we were so nervous. Thankfully, the instructor was really patient with us.

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The Food

The portable BBQ pit for BBQ dinner, The ANMON Resort Bintan

It was time for dinner after our wake-boarding and we opted for a BBQ dinner experience, which allowed us to have it right outside our room.

Our food selection for our dinner, The ANMON Resort Bintan

The food was delicious and the staffs were helpful whenever we required their assistance. The only downside would be the flies which can be a little annoying, however, we understand it was inevitable. In all, the meal was wonderful and we enjoyed this experience.

The Bar at The ANMON Resort Bintan

Unique drinks served at the Bar, The ANMON Resort Bintan

After dinner, we decided to head over to the bar for a few drinks. The bar was really quiet and we loved the concept of their drinks as it was unique and tasty.

Day 2

We had such a good sleep the night before! The bed was just so comfortable, would rate it a 10/10.

The entire day was spent in the hut due to the rain.

Me having a fun moment with the pink flamingo, The ANMON Resort Bintan

All in all, we really had fun in The ANMON Resort Bintan. Although it was pretty unfortunate we were there on rainy days, nevertheless, it was still a lovely experience.

I would definitely recommend to those who want to have a weekend getaway, as this resort is both family and friends-family. Would love to go back again someday and hopefully this time around, it would be a bright and sunny day!

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