Another Round of Bubble Tea Craze?

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Once only popular in Taiwan, the bubble tea craze has spread world wide and Singaporeans are not foreign to the various Bubble Tea stores here in Singapore. From Gong Cha to Sharetea to KOI to LiHo (just naming a few), Singaporeans are spoiled for choices

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And it appears that another popular Bubble Tea store from Taiwan has now opened in Singapore. Enter ↓↓↓


Recently opened on 10th Jan 2018 at The Clementi Mall, it appears that Bobii Frutii is also a much HEALTHIER choice for those seeking longevity.
  1. Real milk is used here instead of powdered creamer, with artificial substances, which is commonly used by other bubble tea shops
  2. No artificial flavouring or ingredient is used – Bobii Frutii uses inhouse made premium cane sugar syrup
  3. Level of sweetness is customisable
Check out some of their drinks available
Mermaid’s Tears. Source: Bobii Frutii

Uji Snow. Source: Bobii Frutii

Extraordinary Bubble Milk Tea. Source: Bobii Frutii

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