Are Singaporeans Happy?

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Are you happy? On Wednesday (14th Mar), the World Happiness Report 2018 was released. The report uses six factors to rank the countries:

  1. Gross Domestic Product per Capita
  2. Social Support
  3. Life Expectancy
  4. Freedom to make Life Choices
  5. Generosity
  6. Corruption Level. 

Well, the winner of this year’s ranking is Finland. Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Canada, New Zealand, Sweden and Australia make up the rest of the top 10, in that order.

Finland ranks first as the most happy country

Esplanade in Helsinki, Finland. Source: Reuters

Burundi and Central African Republic rank last on the list, same as in 2017. This is probably because they are both consumed by political violence.

However, I believe I know the only thing in this article you are interested in:

How did Singapore fare?

Sadly to say, Singapore comes in at 34th. And this is worse than the 26th in 2017 and 22nd in 2016. We can see a downward trend in this… The only thing to take comfort in is that Taiwan is the only are in Asia above Singapore at 26th. The next Asian country is Malaysia at 35th. (Pretty interesting given the 1MDB incident)


Does money make Najib Happy?


What makes a Country Happy?

It is noted that most of the countries in the top 10 are social democracies. This suggests that people are happier when there is solid social support systems, good public services. They would not even mind paying a significant amount in tax for that. (Singaporeans, take note)

GST will be up by 2%, to 9% starting 2021

While Singapore has been experiencing a higher standard of living, it seems that the stress to earn more than others is working its way in. It does look like Singaporeans can expect another drop in ranking. Unless something significant happens, like people start reading SingaporeGo. XD

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