Avengers Cast Coming to Singapore

The Avengers are set to battle Thanos in Singapore on the 26th of April. But before that, part of the cast will be taking a short holiday in Singapore. Singaporean fans will get to see Iron Man, Doctor Strange and Nebula within the Marina Bay Sands integrated resort.

Source: Reuters

Infinity War stars Robert Downey Jr, Benedict Cumberbatch, Karen Gillian and director Joe Russo will be in Singapore next month. They are here to promote the release of Avengers: Infinity War.

Avengers Poster

As with all previous Hollywood blockbuster red carpet events in Singapore, fans will get the opportunity to get selfies or autographs of the stars. And this event is open to the public with no fee.

The Avengers visited Singapore too in 2016 to promote Captain America: Civil War. Chris Evans, Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan came along with Director Russo.

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