Avengers: Infinity War – Analyzing the NEW Trailer

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A few days ago, on 16th March, the long-awaited second Avengers: Infinity War trailer was finally released. It offers much more insights into the upcoming Avengers film, giving us a sense of what we should expect. Before we proceed to analyze the trailer, let’s first watch it

What an amazing trailer…

The trailer started off with Gamora explaining Thanos desire to acquire the infinity stones, “To wipe out half the Universe“. She then goes on to mention that once he has collected the stones, he can do that with the snap of his fingers.

Avergers: Infinity War

In case you forgot who is Gamora

This is a reference to the comic book scene where Thanos snaps his finger and true enough, half the Universe was gone.

Thanos snaps his fingers

The Most Powerful Snap in the Universe

We see James “Rhodey” Rhodes as War Machine here, suggesting he managed to recover from his injuries in Captain America: Civil War.

I had originally thought the injuries were supposed to signal that War Machine will not appear in the next film. However, it appears that the Russos Brothers had a different idea.

And we also get to see more upgrades to Iron Man’s suit.

On top of the bleeding edge suit, Tony Stark has also added boosters to the legs. This allows him to fly even faster, perhaps to help Spiderman who is stuck on the circle-alien-thingy.

In this shot, we see Steve Rogers (He is apparently no longer known as Captain America, having dropped the shield in Civil War) bringing a bunch of people to Wakanda, home of the Black Panther.

We see Black Widow, Bruce Banner, War Machine, Falcon and even Vision together with Scarlet Witch following him. Scarlet Witch appears to be supporting Vision, suggesting that this scene took place after Vision was attacked.

Remember this?

It may be that Steve Rogers managed to rescue Vision from Thanos’ Black Order and brought him to safety in Wakanda. After all, we saw a scene in the first trailer where Scarlet Witch was relieved to see Steve.

Skipping a long segment, we then see Starlord interacting with Iron Man and he basically called Stark’s plan trash…

It will be interesting to see how these two work with each other given they are both the de facto leader of their own team. And both have huge egos as well.

We are then shown Steve Rogers’ team marching into war against Thanos’s outriders, a batch of weird aliens. I am not interested in talking about this scene so…let’s just skip it.

We do get to catch a glimpse of the Hulk Buster though in this amazing shot with Falcon and War Machine behind him.

We still don’t know exactly if Hulk or Bruce Banner is controlling this beauty but my money is on the latter.

Okay now, this is an interesting scene. When I first watched it, I thought Thor was just trying to either destroy this ship or power it up. Turns out, he is actually making his new weapon, Stormbreaker.

In the comic, Thor actually wields another weapon before. We saw Mjolnir getting destroyed by Hela in Thor: Ragnarok and it seems like Thor refuses to give up the title of “God of Hammer”.

It will be interesting to see how the weapon looks like in the movie.

I guess we will be getting an origin story for Gamora and a younger Thanos.

Another plot twist here, while it looks like Thor is getting crushed by Thanos for this scene, a fan theory suggest something else: Thor is actually crying from watching Loki die

You may argue that Loki looks like part of the Black Order here, but observe the girl to Loki’s right. She is actually pointing a spear at Loki, seemingly threatening to kill him on Thanos’ command.

If you remember from the first Avengers movie, Loki promised to get Thanos the Tesseract and he failed. Seems like a pretty good reason to kill Loki now…AND Thanos doesn’t even look like he is pinching Thor that hard…

Steve’s new shield? I am not even sure if you would call that a shield

Dr Strange getting tortured by Ebony Maw

Ebony Maw is part of the Black Order (maybe called Cull Obsidian in the film due to racial reasons) and has the power to manipulate others and control their minds.

There is a fan theory stemming from this where the Avengers may have to fight off a mind-controlled Dr Strange as well.

A possibility of Heroes Dying?

“I hope they remember you”

Sounds like something you say to people you are gonna kill…

And they show a weaken Stark after? I won’t be too optimistic about his life…

Amazing that he managed to hold off the initial attack

Although I doubt that he gets to say “I can do this all day” this time.

Well, they end off with the over-used joke on Dr Strange’s name and hence we see Peter Parker interact with Stephen Strange.

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