Battle Royale: old men fight over woman in Yishun

Yishun continues to surprise Singaporeans. With cat killings, attempted suicides and a NSF beating his neighbor to death, it does not seem like it can get any worse… or can it?

Just as we thought Yishun has turned over a new leaf, it holds the biggest Fight Night yet, involving several men brawling it out at a coffee shop at Block 744, Yishun Street 72 Sunday night (March 11).

Facebook user Allan Lim shared the video of the brawl between several men in their 60s in a S-11 food centre with the comment:”Got nice show to watch”.

(skip to 3.48 for the action)

In the video, 2 man can be seen initially hurling vulgarities at each other. The argument soon escalated into a full out brawl with one man hitting the other with a chair.

A woman tried to break up the fight in the process, but got kicked to the ground.

The cameraman could also be heard edging the men on, making remarks such as “there are many chairs here”, “no CCTV cameras here” and “fight ah, fight ah”.

Allegedly, the two men were fighting over the woman in the video The long haired man is her ex-boyfriend while the striped shirt guy is her current lover.

Police were alerted to the incident and investigations are ongoing.

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