Best Bubble Tea Shops To Visit In Taiwan

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Never been to Taiwan before but tried bubble tea when you are in Singapore? Want to try the authentic bubble teas from Taiwan yet do not know which ones are nice? Here are the Top 5 shops I recommend.

Milkshop (迷客夏)

Milkshop’s signature drink is its Black Tea Latte with Pearl(珍珠红茶拿铁), this is also the must-order drink by the netizens when they are there. The fresh milk provided by the family farm, coupled with the unique white honey pearls and it is addictive.

Editor’s Recommendation: Taro Milk (大甲芋头鲜奶)

Dayungs Tea(大苑子)

Many netizens voted Dayungs tea as a must-go place for everyone as the drinks are made from natural ingredients and use fresh fruits for juicing.

Editor’s Recommendation: Fresh Fruit Tea(新鲜水果茶) 

50 Lan (50岚)

According to many Singaporeans, 50 Lan is a prominent bubble tea franchise in Taiwan. It is also the parent brand of Singapore’s bubble tea franchise KOI. 50 Lan’s classic Pearl Milk Tea is highly ranked among the Taiwanese.

Editor’s Recommendation: Oolong Tea with Mixed Pearls and Nata de Coco四季春珍波椰 and Hazelnut Milk Tea 榛果奶茶

Yi Fang Tea


Yi Fang Tea has a huge menu of both fruit and milk teas. Popular drinks include their signature Yi Fang Fruit Tea and Sugar Cane Mountain Tea. Yi Fang uses quality locally made ingredients and doesn’t use concentrated liquids in their drinks. This makes them a healthier choice compared to most other bubble tea shops.

Chun Yang(春阳茶事)

One of the newer bubble tea franchise in Taiwan opened in Taiwan, they do offer a wide array of drinks for you to choose from to satisfy your bubble tea cravings.

Editor’s Recommendation: Honey Lemon Oolong Tea, Brown Sugar Pearl with Fresh Milk

Chen San Ding (陈三鼎)

Found in Taipei at Gongguan Shopping District, Chen San Ding has always been having long queues. It is widely known to serve it’s best fresh milk with brown sugar (青蛙撞奶). In Taiwan, it is also directly translated to “frog knocks milk” as black tapioca pearls resemble frog eggs.

You probably cannot consider yourself having been to Taiwan if you had not drunk any of these drinks in Taiwan! So do pen them down and try it where you are there!

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