Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth- Best Bubble Tea Spots in Singapore

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Need to satisfy your sweet drink cravings at work during tea time? Do you belong to the Sweet Talk generation? We’ve come a long way since the days when Sweet Talk reigned strong at the bubble tea game. But with many brands across Asia setting their foot in Singapore, find out the best bubble tea spots in Singapore (and perhaps some unique flavours too)!

Are you a fan of the mainstream bubble tea shops in Singapore? Let me share my favourite drinks with you from the various bubble tea shops in Singapore. Are they on your must-drink list too?


Koi is known to have queues almost all the time. What’s Singaporeans’ favourite drink in Koi? Koi is also known to have one of the better (and more generous chain store) pearls in Singapore.

Editor’s Recommendation: Green Tea Macchiato and Milk Tea with Pearls. 

I personally like the milk froth at the top of the green tea macchiato when it is served. It has a silky, soothing feel that only can be complemented with the green tea


Away for four months last year when Royal Tea Taiwan, the company behind the Gong Cha brand, did not renew a previous franchise agreement. Singaporeans warmly welcomed Gongcha back in Singapore at the end of last year, launching many Healthier Choice Symbol-certified* drinks.

*Suitable for those who WANTS to satisfy their bubble tea craving yet still health-conscious.

Editor’s Recommendation: Lychee Oolong with Aloe Vera, Earl Grey Milk Tea with 3Js

R&B Tea

Brought into Singapore by food court operator Koufu, R&B Tea offers an array of eclectic choices to satisfy your sweet tooth and your daily #foodstagram.

Editor’s Recommendation: Brown Sugar Boba Milk, Brown Sugar Boba Milk with Cheese Brûlée

TP Tea

The parent brand of Taiwanese bubble tea brand Chun Shui Tang, TP Tea (otherwise known as Cha Tang Hui) is the only bubble tea brand in Singapore that offers a 24-hour outlet (Changi Airport Terminal 2). Also, good news for the Muslims, TP Tea is certified halal.

Editor’s Recommendation: Tie Guan Yin Tea Latte and Pearl Milk Tea Soft Serve Ice-cream


A recently opened joint that offers fruit teas, cheese teas, as well as classic milk teas, Partea offers an array of drinks with traditional teas, complementing it with a dash of zesty fruits and cheese.

Editor’s Recommendation: Jasmine Tea+ Fruits (Rainbow Tea)

It has a whole chunk of fresh fruits dunked into the cup and named so for the colourful chunks of fresh fruits infused in premium Chinese teas.


One of the less noticeable local bubble tea chain stores in Singapore, yet this is one of my favourite places to get my drinks. Its extensive selection of unconventional brews charged at really affordable prices is the reason why I get my drinks for there again and again.

Editor’s Recommendation: Jasmine Green Tea with White Pearls, Yakult Green Tea and Ice-Cream Milk Tea


A brand most Singaporeans are very familiar with as they captured everyone’s attention when it seemed like it was going to take over the Gong Cha outlets across Singapore. However, LiHo has gradually gained their own fan following for their drinks.

Editor’s Recommendation: Cheese Jing Syuan Tea, Cheese Yam Smoothie with a Custard Pudding, Fresh Lemon Juice + Kanten + Golden Ai Yu, Earl Grey Milk Tea

So, what’s your pick when it comes to bubble teas?

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