Best Destinations For Your Year-End Holidays

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The end of the year is getting closer than you think! So, where are you going to celebrate Christmas and New Year to finish off your 2018 and start 2019 on a good note? Check out the top 5 destinations that Singaporeans are searching for their year-end holidays

Winter gifts Berlin with a magical aura that enchants visitors to this ancient city in the eastern stretches of Germany. As the lakes ice over, and the cafes and restaurants drag their sidewalk seating inside, the social life shifts indoors, where the warmth of the coffee and the company make the winters feel warm and cozy. People come for the art and the culture, and December is a great place to experience both the modern and traditional sides of the city. The Christmas markets come to life, and people buy mulled wine and marzipan to warm the spirits. Berlin’s nightlife is legendary too, and the dancing can continue for days. Berlin is also home to one of the largest street parties in Europe, and the music and movement is the perfect way for the modern party people to welcome 2019.

Budapest looks glorious in winter, especially when the snow coats the city in a white crust of fairy dust. The festive city strings lights along major roads, public squares, and even on trams, bringing an extra touch of magic to the already magical city. Budapest has many of the same traditional European style holiday attractions, and you won’t feel you’re missing out on anything by choosing here over some of the other options. The Christmas market in Vorosmarty Square has a fantastic selection of goods and treats for hungry travellers. Hungarians know how to party as well. For a fun New Year’s Eve event, try the December Bath Party at Szechenyi Spa Baths.

See the Eternal City at its best with a January vacation; colours are sharper, waiters are more welcoming, and you’ll have beautiful historic attractions such as the Musei Capitolini and the Pantheon almost to yourself.

On January 6th, head to the Piazza Navona to celebrate Epifania (Epiphany) as Le Befana (a witch-like mother Christmas) comes to the huge market in the piazza where you can savour festive food, hot wine and find an incredible array of traditional festive arts and crafts to snap up for friends and family.

With two popular vanocni trhy (Christmas markets) found in Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square, visitors are guaranteed their fill of the unusual and exciting. For starters, don’t be surprised by the huge tubs of water filled with carp, a traditional Czech Christmas dish. Don’t leave without trying the grog and honey liquor – a traditional Czech favourite!

Tokyo has something for everyone. What are you looking for?

Tradition? Check out the Buddhist temples like the famous Sensoji in Asakusa, ancient shrines such as the beautiful Meiji Jingu, gorgeous ryokan and onsen resorts will inspire your inner samurai.

Excitement? The lights, street scenes, pubs, clubs, and mass of humanity will have your blood pumping. New Year is Japan’s biggest holiday, and you can enjoy the countdown surrounded by cheering crowds of locals who will greet you with open arms and some hot sake. Stop by a department store for a fukubukuro (lucky shopping bag) and take advantage of the year’s biggest bargains while you’re there.

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