Best Time to Visit Khao Yai

When to go, when to avoid.

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Khao Yai, also known as Thailand’s little Europe, is a 3 hours drive away from the bustling city of Bangkok. Due to its fine weather, Khao Yai makes for a great place to visit all year round. Need any pre-trip preparation help? We’ve prepared a comprehensive guide to aid you in the planning process!

The whimsical city of Khao Yai experiences different seasons and temperatures can vary significantly during different times of the year.

The best time to visit this quaint little town is generally between November and February, when the cooler temperatures ensure that you won’t be sweating through your shirt!

For those living in tropical places like Singapore and Malaysia, I’m sure you dread the hot and humid weather sometimes, or maybe all the time. So relatableSo why not spend your holidays at Khao Yai, as temperatures there are similar to Genting, plus you get your shopping fix. During this period, rain is sparse so you don’t need to worry about the rain ruining your trip – no umbrella, no problem!

However, given these optimal weather conditions, this is also, not surprisingly, the peak travel season in Khao Yai. Do expect a surge in overall prices due to high tourist traffic, partly caused by certain attractions being opened only for this season.

Likening the weather in Khao Yai to that of Bangkok proved to be a terrible mistake I made as She very much proved to be that breath of fresh air I’ve been longing for. Regardless of how much I love the cool weather here, I’d say never to forget your sunblocks and sunglasses unless you’ve got genetically amazing genes. A jacket would be essential as well because the temperature drops significantly after the sun sets.

Summer In Khao Yai

The worst time to explore Khao Yai is from March to June, the hottest time of the year. On the bright side, there’s slowed tourism so you get the best deals!

Visiting Khao Yai within these few months is not recommended because the heat is unbearable and the waterfalls at Khao Yai National Park is likely to be dried up. You would most likely see thin streams of water, nothing like the majestic waterfalls you see online.


But if you are cool with the hot weather, then you’re in luck! This period sees the least number of tourists and hence, you are able to grab extremely great deals!

Monsoon Season In Khao Yai

Monsoon Season which falls between July and October is the best time for viewing waterfalls.

There will be high levels of rainfall during this period of time, but the waterfalls would be in full force. Get to experience the sheer force of the natural wonder! Getting small sprays from the waterfall as a form of welcome? What more can you ask for!

Unfortunately, this is the 2nd busiest season for tourism in Khao Yai, so do expect your total expenditure to rise slightly.

Note: All temperature range are estimates taken from the year 2018.

How long to stay in Khao Yai

To me, there is no correct length of stay in Khao Yai. It differs from one person to the next, and it ultimately depends on what you would like to see in Khao Yai. Are you the type of tourist who travels for leisure, shopping or adventure? Do you like taking your time to explore slowly, or do you prefer visiting as many attractions as you can?

A day trip to Khao Yai is not recommended as the majority of your time would be wasted on travelling. If you intend to visit the National Park, I would recommend a 5D4N trip to explore the national park, on top of the other attractions. Otherwise, 4D3N is more than enough time to explore the main attractions in Khao Yai, at a comfortable pace of course.

After your trip to Khao Yai, you can consider staying a few nights in Bangkok and shop to your heart’s content.