“Big Brother” stopped gangfight

In Singapore, the term “Big Brother” has been colloquially used to refer the ruling gang party of a particular district.

Everyone would fear the “Big Brother”, and were obliged to pay protection fees on time to avoid trouble.

However, it appears that times have changed.

Now, the Police has decided to call themselves the “Big Brother”.

On 31st Jan evening, a Wednesday, a group of 8 gang members were reported to be holding a “settlement talk” in Hougang. This worried the surrounding residents in fear that a gang fight might break-out when the discussion gets heated.

Then the police officers of Hougang Neighbourhood Police Centre (NPC) showed up and saved the day. The Hougang NPC then uploaded a Facebook post showing their catch-of-the-day.

And they included a cheeky caption, a declaration of their control over the neighbourhood:

Settlement Talk? Big Brother is here

Of course, this showed a hilarious side to the Hougang NPC, which has been known for using social media posts to generate laughter.

So now, the town of Hougang has been taken over by a new gang, the Hougang NPC. Without having to live in fear or pay protection fee directly, the citizens lived happily ever after under the watchful eyes of “Big Brother”.

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