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It is evident that Subscription Plans are the newest and hippest way to save in 2019. With big brands like Grab and The Entertainer each offering their take on Lifestyle Subscriptions, there’s no lack of platforms to save. But, this new local platform brings something different. Quokka Singapore curates a list of Premium Partners ranging from dining, entertainment, and parenting, and there’s more to come.


Despite being the smallest country in the world, Singapore has a whopping FOUR Airport Terminals. And I think it’s pretty obvious that Singaporeans love to travel. Quokka has caught onto that and has partnered with WeekendGoWhere and CruiseGoWhere to offer exclusive travel vouchers for your travel packages for you to see the world without breaking the bank! The mention of “travel” brings the unavoidable topic of air tickets. But fret not for SingaporeGO also have our own list of Airfare Promotions we constantly updated with the best Airfare deals!

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Most Subscription Plans now are a one-time transaction or a monthly payment making it extremely convenient for users Gone were the days of Daily Deals that were inconvenient to pout to use! Furthermore, Quokka only charges ONCE per year for the entire year’s worth of benefits! At a huge discount of 90% OFF for our readers with “SGO99”, Quokka Singapore lets you live your life with great savings.

Sandbox VR

With new places to visit every weekend in Singapore, Quokka regularly updates their platform with new partners weekly. With big names like Spice World Hot Pot and Sandbox VR, Quokka is looking to bring in even more partners that you’ll love. Just leave a comment on the Quokka Facebook to let them know who else you wanna see!

Spice World Hot Pot

While they may be new to the market but they sure have a lot in store for you. With a young and passionate local team that is well informed of Singaporeans’ tastes and preferences, they bring to their members what they want, and need. With a LIMITED time offer of ONLY S$9.90 for our readers, simply use the promocode “SGO99”, and unlock a wealth of savings!
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