Biggest Crossover Event: Mediacorp, Singtel, StarHub 3-way tag-team to broadcast World Cup 2018

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For the first time in history, Iceland made it to the most prestigious and revered stage of football- the World Cup, which is held once every four years.

However, written in a larger and emboldened font in the books of history, is a three-way partnership between Mediacorp, Singtel and StarHub banding together to broadcast the upcoming World Cup in Singapore. And they said Avengers: Infinity War is the most ambitious crossover event in history.


In a joint release early Wednesday morning (April 25), the trio revealed that they were “collaborating for the first time” to deliver paid subscription packages for the June 14 to July 15 event in Russia to audience here.


Football fans rejoice!

Singaporeans can watch nine key matches on free-to-air television with Mediacorp, five more than in previous years. These are:

  • Russia VS Saudi Arabia (Opening Match, June 14, 11pm)
  • Argentina v Iceland (Group Stage, June 16, 9pm)
  • Brazil v Costa Rica (Group Stage, June 22, 8pm)
  • England v Panama (Group Stage, June 24, 8pm)
  • Denmark v France (Group Stage, June 26, 10pm)
  • South Korea v Germany (Group Stage, June 27, 10pm)
  • Both Semi-Finals (July 11, 2am and July 12, 2am)
  • Finals (July 15, 11pm)


However, fans will be paying the same prices as they did in 2014 for subscription to the games. These remain at $94.16 (early bird price till May 22) and $112.35 for those who sign up after.

Notably, the trio began discussions last year and paid a total of around $25 million to secure the World Cup broadcast rights for this year, a slight increase from 2014.


“Having brought the FIFA World Cup to viewers since 2010, we know how important the tournament is to Singaporeans. We are pleased this year to work with our broadcast partners to give all Singaporeans front row seats to the Cup,” said Yuen Kuan Moon, chief executive officer, Consumer Singapore at Singtel.


StarHub chief executive officer Tan Tong Hai said: “Football unites people and nothing proves this more than the FIFA World Cup which turns even casual onlookers into die-hard super fans overnight.”


He added: “With matchday one quickly approaching, we are happy to put public interest first and take to the field together with Singtel and Mediacorp to enable all of Singapore to enjoy the beautiful game.”


I wonder which country will win this year’s tournament…? I want to put all my savings on that team.

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