Bintan OR Batam? EXTENSIVE Comparison for Travellers

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Batam and Bintan! Located just a short ferry ride across Singapore, both are popular holiday destinations for Singaporeans. But… which is BETTER? Here, we break it down for you according to itineraries and beach resorts, so you can better decide on your next holiday destination!

Distance from Singapore


Image Credit: Bintan Resorts

Batam can be reached in about 45-60 minutes from HarbourFront Centre, Singapore.

Bintan is slightly further away, approximately 60 minutes from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal (TMFT), Singapore.

However, good news for you, you can expect better travelling experience in 3-4 years time as Indonesia is building a 7 km bridge to connect Batam & Bintan! YAY to shorter travelling time, longer fun time!

Membentang tujuh km, jembatan Batam-Bintan direncanakan mulai dibangun 2019

Image Credit: Batam Industrial Development Authority

Beach Resorts

Batam is known for its budget-friendly beach resorts which with scenic beaches, including our customers’ all-time-favourites Montigo Resort and Turi Beach Resort.

Bintan is popular for its family-friendly beach resorts, with tons of land and water activities laid out for your little ones at the iconic Chill Cove @Treasure Bay. More recently, Bintan is also gaining popularity for its instaworthy glamping resort like The Canopi.

Montigo Resort

The Canopi

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Shopping & City Life

Batam is a shopping paradise for those of you looking for cheap bargains. There are ample amounts of shops, entertainment, eateries, salons, and spa to pamper yourself, in Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall and Batam City Square.Want your branded and want them cheap? Go on a shopping spree at their factory outlets! 

Bintan, on the other hand, is not really considered a shopping destination for many. That’s fair, considering the variety of recreational activities offered – off-road ATV rides, mangrove kayaking, jetovator & more… – will already keep you more than occupied!

Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall

Activities for Kids

Now we know the top activities to do in Batam include shopping and eating – heaven for parents, but does that mean Batam not kids-friendly at all?! Well, let us assure you, kids will still love Batam! Get them the unlimited pass at an affordable price to ALL rides at FUNWORLD Nagoya City Walk. Carousel, bumper cars, rollercoaster and multitude of indoor fair rides – all you need to worry about is how to tell them it’s time to leave!

Nagoya Citywalk Batam - Fun World

FUNWORLD Nagoya City Walk

Image result for funworld batam

FUNWORLD Nagoya City Walk

As mentioned earlier, Bintan offers more towards outdoor recreational activities at Treasure Bay. For the full list, you can see here.

Spa & Massages

Spa Central Batam (Image Credit: estherxie)

Batam is known for its cheap traditional spas and massages. Expect high-quality treatments at prices well below Singapore’s high end spas even at the local malls. If you have trouble deciding which massage parlour to go to, you can check out the TOP 5 Batam Spas (2019) we have collated for you!

Bintan has more luxurious spa packages inside the resorts, with our customers’ favourites being Banyan Tree Bintan and Angsana Bintan. Of course, the resort spa packages might be rather pricey but you are getting what you pay for here – phenomenal treatments accompanied by calming sea breeze and a beautiful sight of the South China Sea. #lifegoals!

Banyan Tree Bintan Spa

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And finally, we’ve come to the food section – something the two islands share in common! Savour tasty Indonesian delicacies starting from freshly grilled Ikan Bakar, Martabak nutella (not to be confused with murtabak), pisang goreng keju, gong gongs (sea snails) and more…!


Golden Prawn 933, Batam

Image result for ikan bakar indonesia

Ikan Bakar Indonesia (Image Credit: Bear Naked Food)


All in all, there is no such thing as a better Batam or Bintan.. It really depends on the kind of holiday you’re seeking! So, what’s yours and have you decided on your next holiday destination?

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