How To Uni: Bonus UAP points for NUS applicants on 1st-choice courses

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With A-level results just released on 23rd Feb, many students are now busy applying for university courses. However, some students may have UAP results that fall short of the requirement for their desired courses. This may also possibly be the result of the recent A-level incident (hint hint).


Those who miss out on their desired course may want to still consider it as their first choice.

NUS applicants to get bonus points for 1st-choice courses

Those applying for a place at NUS will be given 1.25 bonus points for their first choice. This is equivalent to going from C to B or B to A in an A-level H1 subject like GP.

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NUS has decided to reward those who exhibit a passion for a field of study.

“If you have done well and are passionate about a career in business or computing, for example, then we want to say to you that we support your passion.”

NUS senior deputy president and provost Ho Teck Hua explains the rationale. He also said

“Let’s say one student with 81 points applies for communications as his first choice, and another with 82 points applies to the same course as his second choice. With the 1.25 points, the student who lists the course as his first choice will get ahead of the person with 82 points,”


However, this applies only to courses where entry is based purely on converting a student’s grades into UAP. Meaning this does not affect courses, such as medicine and law, where students are assessed on their aptitude and interests through interviews.

More Benefits:

NUS will also be increasing the number of double majors to increase career options for its graduates.

Three new degree programmes will also be added for this year, including one in veterinary science.

NUS, which now offers 230 bond-free merit scholarships, will add 200 more scholarships for the new academic year.

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