Boy in China pees in lift causing short circuit and got stuck

China’s Ministry of Public Security has warned parents to better educate their children. They then shared a video of a boy urinating in a lift in Chongqing.

Screenshot of the video of the boy peeing in the lift.

The incident happened on Sunday, 25 Feb 2018. The boy enters the lift, after seeing that there was nobody else in the lift, decided to urinate all over the lift buttons.

“As a result, the lift short-circuited; the lift doors could not be opened, the lift buttons were flashing and the child was trapped before being rescued,” said the ministry.

As seen in the video, the boy urinated all over the lift buttons. But when he tries to exit, the lift door jammed and light began flashing. The boy clearly panicked and start to frantically press the lift buttons.

The video was posted on Weibo, netizens on it horde on to criticize the child’s bad upbringing and his parents for defending the boy when the video clearly showed what he did.


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