[Breaking] Aircraft CATCHES FIRE in Singapore Airshow

A video has surfaced online showing a single-seater performance aircraft catch fire as it was about to take-off. The incident took place at Changi Airport‘s Runway 1 at around 1.30 pm on Tuesday (Feb 6).

The accident

The aircraft is part of a South Korean Aerobatic team – The Black Eagles, performing at this year’s Singapore Airshow. They were preparing for a flying display programme on the event’s second day.

As the pilot was about to take off, the aircraft lost control and crashed into the grass, promptly catching fire. Fortunately, the pilot escaped with minor injuries.

Airport Emergency service soon arrived to put out the fire.

Changi Airport group has announced on its Facebook page that Runway 1 would be closed till further notice. This may result in the delaying of a few flights.

Passengers are encouraged to check for the latest flight updates online, or by using the iChangi app.

About Singapore Airshow

Singapore Airshow is held at Changi exhibition centre from 5th to 11th February this year. In which Feb 10- 11 are open to the public. Tickets are sold at $22 per ticket. This would also be Asia’s largest Airshow yet.

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