[Breaking] HSA issues alert against 3 ‘healthcare’ products

Singapore’s Health Science Authority (HSA) has issued warnings earlier today ( Mar 13), regarding the use of 2 cosmetic sets and pain relief product.

Consumers that have previously bought them online are strongly advised to stop usage immediately.

The products in questions; joint pain relieve product, Herba Saraf and 2 cosmetic sets, Wonderglow Whitening Specialist Super Ultra Glowing Cream and Tati Skin Care 5 in 1.

Cosmetic sets

The cosmetic sets faces the ban due to exceeding high levels of mercury.

Tati Skin Care 5-in-1 cosmetic set contained mercury exceeding permissible limits by 50,000 times, as well as hydroquinone and tretinoin.

Whereas Wonderglow products contain an amount of mercury that exceeds permissible limits by 7,000 times.

Long term exposure to high mercury content can result in serious health complications such as damage to kidney and nervous systems.

Herba Saraf

Intended for use to relieve joint pains and migraine, it also contains high levels of a potent steroid, dexamethasone.

When consumed for over a month, a woman was diagnosed with impaired glucose tolerance.

In more severe cases, this may lead to diabetes and heart diseases, including high blood pressure and even cardiac arrest.

The police has issued warnings to online suppliers of these products. Those found guilty of supplying or selling illegal health products may face a fine up to $100,000 or jail term up to three years or both.

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