[BREAKING] NETS services failed island wide

At 2.27pm today, 2nd Feb, NETS released a FaceBook post saying that their services is temporarily unavailabe.

The payment service provider has also stated that NETS users will not be able to perform any transaction utilizing NETS and this includes point-of-sales transactions and top up services till further notice.


In less than 2 hours, NETS announced that their services are back online and transaction are available now. The post below was release at 3.44pm.

Look at that efficiency!

According to Straits Times, a 40 year old project manager, Ms Tay, feedback on the trouble posed due to NETS failure. However, she admit that the issue was not a major one as she simply switched to using Visa.

Source: Straits Times. Desmond Wee

Fairprice had to set up signs to notify customers of the service disruption as shown above.

A NETS’ spokesperson has came out to assure that they will conduct a full investigation and apologise for the inconvenience posed to their customers.

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