[Breaking] SCDF saves armed suicidal woman in Yishun

We often take for granted, the unsung heroes in the Singapore Civil Defense Force (SCDF). They often work in the shadows and their actions of valiance often go unnoticed by the general public. But on this cold rainy Sunday afternoon,they warmed the hearts of those watching the tense scene unfold as they risked their lives to save a woman contemplating suicide. The whole incident was recorded by video from the opposite block.

On Sunday, Jan.28 around 2pm, SCDF personnel were called to the scene of a woman partially dangling off the railing on the 11th floor at Block 289 Yishun Ave 6. She was also allegedly armed with a piece of cutlery which she used to inflict harm upon herself.

At various points the woman can be seen alternating sitting or standing on the railing. The SCDF officers then orchestrated the daring rescue maneuver, managing to bring her back to safety.

It is in situations such as this that we are reminded of the sacrifices of these brave young men.

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