BTO- The Pinnacle of Adulthood and a TLDR Version of the Process

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You know you and your partner have come a long way from the initial “ai stead mai?” to the decision of settling down for the rest of your lives. Given property prices as they are now and will be in the future, a majority of the couples, or soon-to-be, will conventionally opt for the more economical build-to-order (BTO) HDB flats. In this article, you may find out the steps involved in the process.


In the process, there are 6 main steps.


Step 1- Sales Launch

Announcements of the sites where flats will be built and further information on them will be made. These information include:

  • Location
  • Indicative prices
  • Preliminary designs
  • The number of units of flats offered

What you need to do:

Check your eligibility to purchase flat from HDB, eligibility for a HDB or bank loan, your available finances to pay the costs related to the purchase such as:

  • Legal fees
  • Resale levy
  • Renovation cost
  • Home protection insurance (HPI)
  • Option fee
  • Downpayment


Step 2- Submit Application

What you need to do:

Submit your application within a one-week period via HDB’s website or walk-in at the HDB Hub or Branches.


Step 3- Outcome of Ballot

At the end of the one-week period for application submissions, HDB will ballot all applications.

What you need to do:

Be patient, wait and check for the status of results, which will usually be released in a week or two on HDB’s website.


Step 4- Book a Flat

What you need to do:

Respond to an invitation for your appointment to book a flat based on your balloted queue position and bring along a valid HDB Loan Eligibility Letter (HLE) if you intend to take a HDB loan. If you have booked a flat, you may look into applying additional grants, if eligible, such as:

  • Additional CPF housing grant
  • Special CPF housing grant
  • Step-up housing grant.

These grants are further categorised based on different criteria, such as age and marital status, to name a few.


Step 5- Sign Agreement for Lease

What you need to do:

Respond to the invitation to sign Agreement for Lease, which usually happens within 4 months of booking a flat, and submit a valid HLE letter (if you are taking a HDB loan) or a Letter of Offer (if you are taking a bank loan). In addition, a downpayment of a percentage in relation to the cost of your flat and type of loan has to be made.


Step 6- Collect Flat Keys

What you need to do:

Rejoice as you finally collect your flat keys, check for any conditions after purchase and probably start mending the hole in your pockets as you pay off the remaining amount in a lump sum or by installments.


Congratulations, you are finally an adult. We hope this article has helped in giving you an overview of the steps when BTO-ing. For more detailed information, you may refer to


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