Citizens misunderstood Bukit Batok’s MP’s intention

Being a politician is a hard life. Whenever you push out a policy, you have people who disagree with you. When you try to help people, those not helped accuse you of neglecting them. When you keep things as they are, people call you lazy and incompetent. Nothing a politician do can easily please everyone.

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But citizens will almost never look from the perspective of politicians. So when Singaporeans saw a sign like this

Notice at Bukit Batok meet-the-people session

you know there will definitely be some negative reactions.

Some Singaporeans understood this sign to refer to a priority queue for Singapore Permanent Residents and are obviously not happy about that.

A discussion thread was also started on Sammyboy forum

[ Singapore News ] Beware of Indian MP : Priority Queue For Indian SPR @ Bukit Batok SMC

Check out some of the responses:

Comparing Mr Murali to a snake, which has the connotation of a snitch/backstabber

Better treatment than citizens

-comment by a user

However, it seems that the locals have misunderstood the intention behind the poster.


Bukit Batok’s MP, Mr Murali, clarified that the thread on Sammyboy was simply false news.

The sign was for Singapore PRs to join another queue first to check the validity of their inquiries. Once they verified that, they will have to rejoin the original queue with everyone else. This is to prevent them from waiting in vain when the Grassroot organisation is not able to help them.

The Bukit Batok’s MP has also stated that he would “carefully consider the next steps” when asked by Channel NewsAsia if he would consider taking any actions against the Sammyboy user.

Mr Murali has handled the issue very well without creating unwanted controversial or attention.

And to the individual(s) who spread this false information, shame on you to mislead others.


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